Shepherdhill Venus AZ BCS11

We welcomed Venus to our kennel after the sudden loss of our amazing friend Anita Strikwerda.

Venus has a very cheeky and sweet personality. She loves nothing more than running with the other dogs and putting her head on your lap for a cuddle. But she also loves to show herself off, Venus competes in both Specialty and All Breeds conformation showing. Venus is a sable bitch of very good type and her most recent results reflect this.

 Venus has now passed breed survey and will be know as:

Shepherdhill Venus AZ BSC11

Show Results 

41st National 2013

Presented under Judge Herr Christoph Ludwig (GMY) 

10th place Minor Bitch 

Critique: Medium strong, medium size, well shaped head, eye should be darker, pronounced high withers, straight back, croup should be longer, good forehand and very good rear angulations, very good chest development, correct front, powerful rear drive, good front reach. Graded Very Promising 


42nd National 2014 

Presented Under Herr Frank Goldlust SV (GMY)

28th Placed Intermediate Bitch 

 Critique:  60cm. Big, medium strong bones. Very harmoniously constructed bitch. Good head, eye colour should be darker. Very good wither and topline. Correct angulations. Good chest development. Stands correct in front. Moves correct coming and going. Shows very good movement with good drive. Graded Very Good


 73rd Championship Show SA 8/6/2014

Presented under Judge Herr Torsten Kopp (GMY)

6th Place Intermediate Bitch 

Critique:19½ months - 62cm. A very large, medium strong, harmoniously constructed bitch of good pigmentation. She has a well formed head with light eyes. Very good topline. Good fore with pronounced hindquarter angulations. Stands correct in front. Steps narrow at rear and slightly wide in front.  Shows a very good ground covering and far reaching gait. Graded Very Good.




Contact Details

Rebecca Smith and Adrian Smith
Adelaide, SA, Australia
Email : [email protected]